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This website was made possible by The Big Read, an initiative of the National Endowment for the Arts, in conjunction with the Institute of Museum and Library Services and Arts Midwest.

Our goal has been to provide visitors to this site with new ways to think about and interact with Edgar Allan Poe's writing and to encourage further reading both of Poe's work and the work of other writers who Poe inspired.

In appreciation of their role in the preliminary planning of this site, we would like to acknowledge Royce Kimmons, Cesar Navarette, and Laise De Freitas Santana from Dr. Paul Resta's graduate course in education technology.

The Ransom Center's Edgar Allan Poe Digital Collection was a valuable resource in compiling materials and images for the site.

Richard Oram and Molly Schwartzburg, co-curators of From Out That Shadow: The Life and Legacy of Edgar Allan Poe, provided valuable feedback during website development.

Special thanks to Daniel Zmud and the Ransom Center's technology staff for their guidance and implementation of this site.

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