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Diane di Prima by Erica Lies

Roi and I coedit the Bear, but the natural division of credit/labor is divided—he gets the credit, I get to do the labor. There is large area of work we are both interested in—the poetry of Robert Duncan, of John Wieners, of Frank O'Hara is interesting to us both onehundredpercentofthetime.

There's a certain amount of work Roi always finds more interesting than I do, (some of it I call to myself "boy poems,") hearing a certain... affected macho in the voice.

We achieve editorial balance through conflict and negotiation—"If you get to put that in, I get to put this in." On the upcoming issue, we agreed for the most part, there's a hysterical piece by Burroughs—"Routine: Roosevelt After Inauguration." When you read it you'll understand why I'm perfectly happy we don't distribute the Bear in stores.

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Peter Orlovsky and Allen Ginsberg. Click to enlarge.

A snapshot of Peter Orlovsky and Allen Ginsberg in India, 1962.


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The event is free, but limited seating is available.

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The Daily Texan recently produced a video about Beat Voices. Video courtesy of Jackie Stone and The Daily Texan

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Peter Orlovsky by Brian Fahey

Peter Orlovsky Transcript

Diane di Prima by Erica Lies

Diane di Prima Transcript

Letters by Erica Lies

Letters Transcript

The Red Side by M. Roberto Orduna

The Red Side Transcript

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March 15-16   Diane di Prima
March 22-23   The Red Side
March 29-30   Peter Orlovsky
April 5-6   Peter Orlovsky
April 12-13   Letters
April 19-20   Diane di Prima
April 26-27   The Red Side
May 3-4   Letters
May 10-11   Peter Orlovsky
May 17-18   The Red Side
May 24-25   Letters
May 31-June 1   Diane di Prima
June 7-8   Peter Orlovsky
June 14-15   The Red Side
June 20-21   Diane di Prima
June 28-29   Letters
July 5-6   Peter Orlovsky
July 12-13   Letters
July 19-20   Diane di Prima
July 26-27   Letters
August 2-3   Peter Orlovsky