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Photograph of the front and back of the book jacket of An Owl on Every Post
Book jacket, An Owl on Every Post by Sanora Babb. University of New Mexico Press, 1970. Manuscripts.

Montage of program,score and script, A Clockwork Orange


Montage of program, score and script, A Clockwork Orange, A play with music by Anthony Burgess. Unidentified photographer, no date. Manuscripts.

Anthony Burgess, Paris. Sophie Bassouls/Sygma, March 18,1989. Manuscripts.
Photograph of Anthony Burgess

Photograph of Stanley Burnshaw, photograph of Anita Desai, and page proof of Fabrizio Lupo by Carlo Coccioli
Bottom of page proof of Fabrizio Lupo by Carlo Coccioli Clockwise from top: Stanley Burnshaw. Susan Copen Oken, 1997. Photography Collection.

Anita Desai. Linead Sombra, no date. A.A. Knopf Collection. Manuscripts.

Page proofs, Fabrizio Lupo by Carlo Coccioli. Manuscripts.

Photograph of Cavalry Maneuvers, Turkey, photograph of David Douglas Duncan
Clockwise from top: Cavalry Maneuvers, Turkey. David Douglas Duncan, 1948. Photography Collection.

From the production of Jane Bowles’ In the Summer House. Eileen Darby, no date. Manuscripts.

Detail of page from Field Observation Nature Book. John Fowles, 1943. Manuscripts.

David Douglas Duncan with photographic equipment, Mexico. Unidentified photographer, 1940. Photography Collection.
Photograph from the production of Jane Bowles’ In the Summer House, and detail from a page from Field Observation Nature Book by John Fowle

SIR DONALD ALBERY (1914-1988).
The papers of this British stage producer and theater owner document his career from the 1950s to the 1970s with Wyndham Theatres, Ltd.,the Sadler’s Wells Ballet, and the London Festival Ballet. Acquired 1990.

Editorial and production files for the magazine, American Short Fiction, which was published by The University of Texas Press from 1991-1998. Gift of the editors.

Production material and correspondence pertaining to the publishing activities of Anvil Press Poetry (1965-1987), founded in Oxford in 1968 by Peter Jay and John Aczel as an extension of the poetry magazine New Measure. Acquired 1989.

BENJAMIN APPEL (1907-1977).
The papers of this American novelist, author of The Brain Guy (1934), include manuscripts of fiction and non-fiction, correspondence, diaries, notebooks and financial papers from 1920-1977. Gifts of Willa and Carla Appel, 1996-1999.

SANORA BABB (b. 1907).
The archive of this Depression-era writer and amateur photographer, including her WPA work among the displaced in 1930s California. Gift, 1999

The papers of this British actor, director, and producer consist of scripts, correspondence, posters, programs, photographs, scrapbooks, reviews, and financial records pertaining to his career from 1926-1995. Acquired 1996.

This British writer’s career was defined by travel and an interest in legal and political process. Her archive is strong in correspondence from Martha Gellhorn and correspondence between Bedford and her companion Eda Lord. Acquired 1995.

LEE BLESSING (b. 1949).
This American playwright’s archive, including material for A Walk in the Woods. Gift of Lee Blessing, 1999.

JORGE LUIS BORGES (1899-1986).
A nearly comprehensive collection of Borges’ published work is complemented by correspondence, four notebooks in Borges’ hand, a manuscript of an unpublished story, and a corrected typescript draft of the short story “Emma Zunz.” Acquired 1999.

ANITA BRENNER (1905-1974).
Papers, correspondence , photographs ,and art work generated and collected by this Am erican journalist who lived and worked in Mexico. Gift of Susannah Glusker, 1999 .

The archive of this Swiss-born novelist contains representations of all her major works, including Textermination, as well as correspondence, reviews, and family papers. Acquired 1992 and 1997.

Working notebooks for this British novelist’s Latecomers, Lewis Percy, A Closed Eye, Fraud, and A Family Romance, 1988-1993. Acquired 1995.

ANTHONY BURGESS (1917-1993).
This British novelist’s archive documents his career post-1970. It includes manuscripts for fiction and non-fiction works; music scores, reviews, articles,lectures, correspondence, and fan mail. Acquired 1997.

GERALD BURNS (1918-1997).
A collection of this Texas poet’s manuscripts, poems, scrapbooks, and correspondence. Acquired 1995, 1997.

The papers of this American poet and critic contain manuscripts of his own work and correspondence with writers, poets, critics, editors, friends, and academics. Acquired 1987; additional gifts received 1998.

PHILIP CALLOW (b. 1924).
Typescript drafts and page proofs for recent works by this British author together with correspondence from Callow’s literary agent and English and American publishers on business matters, publicity, proofs, research, and illustrations. Acquired 1998, 1999.

RONALD CHRIST (b. 1936).
Works by Christ include The Narrow Act and interviews. Correspondence is with authors who were associated with Christ in his editorial capacity at Lumen, Inc., SITES, and as a translator. Acquired 1995.

The archive of this multinational novelist (who writes in the language of whatever country he is living in) contains over twenty edited manuscripts reflecting five decades of literary activity from 1948-1989. Acquired 1994, 1996.

JOHN CROWLEY (b. 1942).
The papers of this American writer, whose fiction crosses genres, utilizing science fiction, fantasy, history, and realistic elements,includes manuscripts for The Deep (1975), Beasts (1976), Engine Summer (1980), and Little, Big (1981). Acquired 1994, 1999.

L. SPRAGUE DE CAMP (b. 1907).
The archive of L. Sprague DeCamp contains manuscripts for twenty-five novels by DeCamp, as well as correspondence, family records, research and business files, and hundreds of letters from major authors and editors of science and science fiction. Acquired 1989-1995.

ANITA DESAI (b. 1937).
Manuscripts for all of Desai’s novels from her first, Cry, The Peacock (1963) to her most recent, Journey to Ithaca (1995); works for children, introductions and prefaces; reviews, essays, speeches, lectures; and correspondence. Acquired 1997.

Compiled by a British literary agent, this archive contains research material relating to Tom Stoppard, John Osborne, Tony Harrison, David Storey, Michael Frayn, and David Hare. Acquired 1998.

The collection contains research materials for Dillon’s writings about the life and works of the American novelist Jane Bowles. Acquired 1992.

The complete, exhaustive archive of this American photojournalist and author which includes his images of WWII, the Korean and Vietnam Wars, all his LIFE stories (1946-56), and the photographs and production material for all of Duncan’s nearly two dozen books. In addition, the collection contains art works,most notably by Duncan’s close friend, Pablo Picasso. Acquired 1996-1999.

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