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Telegram to R.K. Narayan from K. Venugopal
Telegram to R.K. Narayan from K. Venugopal, India,1986. Manuscripts.

John Osborne. Unidentified photographer, no date. Manuscripts.
Photograph of John Osborne

Photograph of Elizabeth Old's painting Mrs. Manchester’s Program for Homeless Men.
Photograph of Elizabeth Old's painting Sidewalk Engineers. Mrs. Manchester’s Program for Homeless Men. Elizabeth Olds, 1936. Art Collection.

Sidewalk Engineers. Elizabeth Olds, 1936. Art Collection.

photograph of men riding in a canoe Indian Canoe, Venezuela. Ruth Robertson,1949. Photography Collection.

Lobby card, Olive Thomas in Darling Mine. Selznick Pictures,1920.Film Collection.
Photograph of Olive Thomas with a lamb.

Photograph of Michael Keaton in Beetlejuice.
Clockwise from top: Production still, Beetlejuice. Warner Brothers,1988. Warren Skaaren Collection. Film Collection.

Warren Skaaren and Jack Nicholson on set of Batman. Unidentified photographer, October 12, 1988. Film Collection.

Tom Stoppard. Unidentified photographer, no date. Manuscripts.
Photograph of Warren Skaaren and Jack Nicholson on the set of Batman and photograph of Tom Stoppard.

Photograph of Ronald Sukenick Clockwise from top: Ronald Sukenick. Unidentified photographer, August 29,1975. Manuscripts.

Lady Una Troubridge and Miss Radclyffe Hall with their dachshunds. Press Agency, Ltd., London. Manuscripts.

Siegfried Sassoon and his horse. Unidentified photographer, April 1911. Charles Tomlinson Collection. The Sassoon Collection has been at the Ransom Center since the 1960s. Manuscripts.

Photograph of Lady Una Troubridge and Miss Radclyffe Hall with their dachshunds.

Photograph of Siegfried Sassoon and his horse.

Manuscript excerpt, The Palm-Wine Drinkard by Amos Tutuola.

Photograph of Thomas F. Staley and Leon Uris.

Clockwise from top: Manuscript excerpt, The Palm-Wine Drinkard by Amos Tutuola. Manuscripts.

How To Keep In Shape. Photograph of Ray Walston. Time, Inc., no date. Manuscripts.

Leon Uris, right, with Ransom Center Director Thomas F. Staley. Ransom Center, April 1996.
Photograph of Ray Walston riding a photograph.

Clockwise from top: Arnold Wesker. Unidentified photographer, December 1999. Manuscripts. Kathleen Winsor. David Douglas Duncan, 1943. Photography Collection.

Audrey Wood and Tennessee Williams. Unidentified photographer, no date. Manuscripts.
Photograph of Arnold Wesker.
Photograph of Kathleen Winsor and photograph of Audrey Wood and Tennessee Williams.

R.K. NARAYAN (b. 1906).
In addition to papers already received, this collection contains business and personal correspondence (1980s-1994) typescripts and holograph fragments, interviews,newspaper and magazine clippings, royalty statements and business papers. Acquired 1996.

This American novelist’s papers contain material for his published and unpublished novels, short stories, and essays, as well as screenplays, journals, correspondence, and financial records. Acquired 1997.

Scripts of sketches, scenes,and songs for the early 1950s musical revue “New Faces” present comedic writing by Neil Simon, Mel Brooks, Peter DeVries, and Paul Lynde. Acquired 1996.

ELIZABETH OLDS (1896-1991).
Complementing a large collection of her art, the papers of this artist and children’s author include correspondence, exhibition catalogs, and photographs relating to her life and career. Gift of Emmett Hudspeth,1998.

Literary and personal letters written to Marilyn Meeske (1957-1991) regarding her own publishing and the affairs of Olympia Press. Correspondents include Peter Matthiessen, Terry Southern, Maurice Girodias, John Calder, Lenny Bruce,and others. Acquired 1997.

JOHN OSBORNE (1929-1994).
This extensive collection of the British playwright’s career as author, actor, producer, director, and contributor to numerous newspapers and periodicals spans five decades beginning in the mid-1950s with his play Look Back in Anger. Acquired 1995, 1996, 1999.

Peden’s archive relates to her career as a translator of Spanish-language works by such authors as Octavio Paz, Isabelle Allende, and Pablo Neruda. Ongoing gift.

Working files for this academic journal which began publication in 1970.Gift of Bernth Lindfors, 1990.

RUTH ROBERTSON (1905-1998).
The image archive of this photojournalist and adventurer is complemented by manuscript material pertaining to her pioneering expedition to Angel Falls, war correspondent assignment in Alaska during WWII, work with the Press Syndicate in Chicago, and years as an editor/writer in Venezuela. Acquired 1996.

This collection of the British playwright spans his career from the late 1960s through the early 1990s. It includes manuscripts for over 100 of his plays (including his award winning Next Time I’ll Sing to You, Menocchio, and Fall) as well as adaptations and dramatizations of works by other authors. Acquired 1994.

HARRY SEGALL (1897-1975).
Stage plays, screenplays, radio and television scripts,play outlines and ideas, scrapbooks, photographs, theater programs, and other personal papers of the American playwright and screenwriter Harry Segall. Acquired 1996.

MYRON SELZNICK (1898-1944).
Revealing much about the business end of the early American motion picture industry, these agency files of film producers Myron Selznick and his father, Lewis J., are from the estate of Myron’s daughter, Joan Williams. Acquired 1995.

BEN SHAHN (1898-1969).
This collection about the artist contains a wealth of documentation and Kenneth Prescott’s research materials and correspondence. Gift of Kenneth W. and Emma-Stina Prescott, 1997, 1999.

KARL SHAPIRO (b. 1913).
The American poet’s professional, academic, business, literary, economic, family, and institutional correspondence (1941-64), including letters from Elizabeth Bishop, E.E. Cummings, Delmore Schwartz, Allan Tate, and Robert Penn Warren. Acquired 1995.

WARREN SKAAREN (1946-1990).
While serving as the first president of the Texas Film Commission, Skaaren began a distinguished career as a screenwriter. This archive includes hundreds of his drafts of screenplays and treatments, including such important films as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Top Gun, and Batman. Acquired 1993.

The editorial and production files (1971-1991) of a magazine and small press devoted to avant-garde music, founded by editor-publisher, Peter Garland. Included is Garland’s own work as composer and writer from 1969-1997. Acquired 1997.

ALMA STONE (b. 1908).
Family papers and manuscripts of novels and short stories by this Texas-born American novelist. Acquired 1999.

TOM STOPPARD (b. 1937).
Nearly all of the British playwright’s major plays, screenplays, teleplays, and radio plays are represented in some form, along with many lesser-known works and some that were never produced. Correspondence in the collection relates almost exclusively to Stoppard’s career. Acquired 1995-1999.

This archive of the American novelist includes correspondence, manuscripts, galleys, literary publications, reviews, and career-related material. Acquired 1999.

JAMES TATE (b. 1943).
A 1969 purchase brought Tate manuscripts of juvenilia and early poems to the Center. In the intervening years, Tate has won the Pulitzer Prize (1992) and a National Book Award (1994). The Center has now added thirty-four boxes of correspondence and poetry manuscripts to the Tate archive. Acquired 1998.

LAURETTE TAYLOR (1884-1946).
This collection documents Taylor’s entire acting career, especially her legendary performances in Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie. Acquired 1995.

Manuscript drafts of the British poet’s work and extensive correspondence files with an international array of fellow poets and writers, such as Octavio Paz, Marianne Moore,and Ted Hughes. Acquired 1993, 1994.

The archive (1962-1978) of this London-based theater, radio, film, and television workshop which provided facilities in which African and Afro-Caribbean writers and artists could make tapes for broadcast purposes. Acquired 1990.

UNA TROUBRIDGE (1887-1963).
The papers of this British diarist and companion to Radclyffe Hall containing Troubridge’s diaries and numerous Hall manuscripts including three distinct manuscript versions of The Well of Loneliness. Acquired 1996, 1999.

AMOS TUTUOLA (1920-1997).
The papers of this Nigerian novelist include manuscripts and correspon-dence (1952-1990) concerning Tutuola’s earliest published novel, The Palm-Wine Drinkard (1952) and later works. Acquired 1998, 1999.

LEON URIS (b. 1924).
The American novelist’s papers consist of manuscripts; research material, including numerous slides, clippings, and brochures; publisher’s advertisements; fan mail; and reviews associated with his books and screenplays. Gift of Leon Uris, 1997.

GREGORY VLASTOS (1907-1991).
The papers of this scholar and classicist who taught at the University of California, Berkeley. Acquired 1992.

RAY WALSTON (b. 1917).
An important and versatile actor whose career has included the Broadway stage, motion pictures, and television (including his starring series role as “My Favorite Martian”). Walston’s archive includes clippings, posters, videotapes, publicity photographs,scores, scripts, programs, awards, correspondence, original carica-tures, and scrapbooks. Acquired 1995.

This collection reflects the varied landscape of this British actor and producer’s writings (1930s-1960s). Correspondence documents his role as founder and director of the Adelphi Theater. Acquired 1994.

ARNOLD WESKER (b. 1932).
The complete archive of this British playwright,author of Chicken Soup With Barley, The Butcher Boy, and Chips With Everything. Acquired 1999.

ERIC WALTER WHITE (1905-1985).
Manuscripts by the British musicologist and critic (on Michael Tippett, Benjamin Britten, and Igor Stravinsky) as well as correspondence with these composers and numerous other musical and literary figures including the shadow-puppeteer and filmmaker Lotte Reiniger. Acquired 1992.

SANDY WILSON (b. 1924).
The papers of this British author, composer, and lyricist include musicals (The Boy Friend ran from 1952-1994) and plays for stage and TV, an autobiography, novels, and correspondence, spanning from the 1930s to the 1990s. Gift of Sandy Wilson, 1999.

Corrected typescripts for the American novelist’s Forever Amber, Star Money, and The Lovers. Galleys and research materials for Forever Amber, including numerous holograph research notebooks. Acquired 1995.

AUDREY WOOD (1905-1985) AND WILLIAM LIEBLING (1895-1969).
The surviving papers of one of the most influential pairs of theatrical agents in twentieth century American drama. The firm represented Tennessee Williams, William Inge, Carson McCullers, Jane Bowles, Yul Brynner, Marlon Brando, and Paul Newman. Acquired 1994.

THOMAS ZIGAL (b. 1948).
Manuscripts for Zigal’s Kurt Muller mystery novels, Into Thin Air and Hardrock Stiff (1996). Gifts of Tom Zigal, 1995, 1997.

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