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All Strange Away

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figure 5

“Faux Départs” in Kursbuch I, June 1965. Signed by Beckett next to the title.

“Faux Départs” is divided into four sections, three in French and one in English. The French sections resemble passages in Imagination morte imaginez but vary in a way that suggests these segments are an earlier version of the published text. The single English section—more an adaptation than a strict translation of the preceding passages in French—corresponds to the opening lines of All Strange Away, a text written en route to Imagination morte imaginez and temporarily set aside. The passage printed in Kursbuch contains substantive variants from the full text of All Strange Away, published in 1976. Elmar Tophoven’s translation of all four sections into German follows the English text.


figure 6

First edition of Imagination morte imaginez (Paris: Les Editions de Minuit, 1965). One of 612 numbered copies on vélin cuve B.F.K. Rives inscribed by Beckett on the half-title to John Kobler in April 1966.


figure 7

First edition in English of Imagination Dead Imagine, translated from the French by the author (London: Calder and Boyars, 1965). Copy No. 2 of 100 copies on handmade paper, signed by the author and printed (hors commerce) in advance of the first edition. Inscribed by Beckett for John and Evelyn Kobler, Paris, March [19]67.

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