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Beginnings and Early Writings

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figure 20

Group photograph by Man Ray of seven members of the surrealist movement, ca. 1925. Upper row, left to right: André Breton, Louis Aragon, Max Morise, Roland Tual. Lower row, left to right: Simone Kahn, Man Ray, Colette Jeramec.


figure 21

Contempo magazine’s Joyce issue, edited by Stuart Gilbert, included this celebratory acrostic poem built on the ten letters of James Joyce’s name.


figure 22

The strongly autobiographical stories that make up this work first appeared two years earlier in the guise of a novel, Dream of Fair to Middling Women (not published until 1992). Chatto and Windus printed 1,500 copies of the book, but managed to sell only 500, thereby losing all interest in further publishing projects involving Beckett. For years Beckett resisted publishers’ requests that More Pricks be brought back into print. Finally he allowed John Calder to bring out a mimeographed edition in 1966 for the use of the growing army of Beckett scholars.

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