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Final and Posthumous Works

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figure 21

“Deux Poèmes,” in Minuit, No. 33, March 1979.

This is the first publication of these two poems, “le nain nonagénaire” and “à bout de songes un bouquin.”


figure 22

First printing of “neither,” in Journal of Beckett Studies, No. 4, Spring 1979, illustrated with a photograph from Beckett’s production of Happy Days, with Billie Whitelaw, at the Royal Court Theatre, 1979, and marginally mutilated by a printer’s error.

Beckett wrote “neither” in September 1976 to be set to music by Morton Feldman. It was first performed at the Rome Opera in June 1977.


figure 23

First printing of “A Piece of Monologue,” in The Kenyon Review, Vol. I, No. 3, New Series, Summer 1979.


figure 24

First edition of Rockaby and Other Short Pieces (New York: Grove Press, 1981), containing Rockaby, Ohio Impromptu, All Strange Away, and A Piece of Monologue.

A Piece of Monologue was written for David Warrilow (of the Mabou Mines Company) and was first performed by him in New York in 1979. Rockaby, written for a seminar at Ohio State University in 1981, was played by David Warrilow and Rand Mitchell and directed by Alan Schneider.

figure 25

First English edition of Three Occasional Pieces (London: Faber and Faber, 1982). Front cover illustrated with a photograph of Beckett by Christina Burton.

This edition has the same contents as Rockaby and Other Short Pieces, except for All Strange Away.

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