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Final and Posthumous Works

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figure 32

First English edition of Company (London: John Calder, 1980).

figure 33

First American edition of Company (New York: Grove Press, 1980).

figure 34

Compagnie (Paris: Les Editions de Minuit, 1980). One of 106 numbered copies of Alfamousse.

First edition of the author’s French translation of Company.


figure 35

First edition of Mal vu mal dit (Paris: Les Editions de Minuit, 1981). One of 114 numbered copies on Alfamousse.


figure 36

Signed, incomplete typescript of “Ill Seen Ill Said,” 1981, 5pp. Inscribed by Beckett on the last page: “From my translation of Mal vu mal dit, 1981.”

This typescript, with autograph revisions throughout, includes paragraphs 22-26, 31-33, and 47-61 (the final fifth of the book) and shows many variants from the published text.

figure 37

First appearance in English of “Ill Seen Ill Said,” in The New Yorker, 5 October 1981.


figure 38

First edition of Ill Seen Ill Said, translated from French by the author (New York: Grove Press, 1981).

figure 39

Title page of Ill Seen Ill Said (Northridge: Lord John Press, 1982). One of 299 numbered copies, signed by the author. Designed and printed in two colors in Bembo type on mouldmade Bugrabutten. Binding by Bela Blau.

figure 40

First English edition of Ill Seen Ill Said, translated from French by the author (London: John Calder, 1982).

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