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Final and Posthumous Works

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figure 41

“Un Soir,” in Minuit, No. 37, January 1980.

This is the first printing of a short prose work which may have been an early draft leading toward Mal vu mal dit. Although “Un Soir” stands independently and is more explicit, it contains numerous elements of Mal vu mal dit (1981)—e.g., an old woman dressed in black, a figure lying on the ground, the whiteness of hair and skin, flowers, the pasture, lambs, the time of day (evening), the tomb—and seems to be related to the longer piece in much the way All Strange Away is to Imagination Dead Imagine and Le Dépeupleur to Bing.


figure 42

“One Evening,” in Journal of Beckett Studies, No. 6, Autumn 1980. The cover photograph, by Anneliese Heuer, is of the 1978 German production of That Time, performed at the Schiller-Theater.

This is the first printing of “Un Soir” in its English translation.


figure 43

First edition of Worstward Ho (London: John Calder, 1983).

This is a highly condensed short prose text, in the tradition of All Strange Away, Imagination Dead Imagine, and Ill Seen Ill Said.

figure 44

First American edition of Worstward Ho (New York: Grove Press, 1983).

The dust jacket features an illustration by Alberto Giacometti.

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