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Krapp's Last Tape

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figure 2

Heavily annotated untitled manuscript of Krapp’s Last Tape, signed by Beckett, March 1958, 4pp.

The text varies considerably from the published version, lacking the introductory stage directions and setting description. Beckett has written at the top of page 1: “Typescript of Krapp’s Last Tape 3.58.” The manuscript is inscribed to Jake Schwartz.


figure 3

Signed, typed manuscript titled “Crapp’s Last Tape,” March 1958, 10pp., with many autograph corrections, annotations, and revisions in black and blue inks.

This manuscript, labeled by Beckett as “Typescript II,” reflects the changes made in “Typescript I” (some of which have been revised again) and, greatly expanded, is much closer to the published version. Introductory material relating to the stage setting has been added, and the verso of page 1 has a long autograph addition which incorporates stage directions concerning A’s [Krapp’s] movements. Whereas the first typescript was untitled, here Beckett has written “Crapp’s Last Tape” at the top of page 1. A mathematical calculation on the verso of the final page relates to the passage: “To drink less, in particular. And the resolutions! (Brief laugh of A alone). Statistics. Seventeen hundred hours, out of the preceding eight thousand odd, consumed on licensed premises alone. Over 20%.”


figure 4

Typed manuscript of Krapp’s Last Tape labeled “Typescript III” on the top of the first page and signed by the author, March 1958, 9pp.

This manuscript includes a variety of additions such as a few doodles and a mathematical equation, as well as a setting change from “April 1986” to “a late evening in the nineteen eighties.” The title is now in the published form. Inscribed by Beckett in March 1958 to Jake Schwartz.

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