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Malone Dies

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figure 2

Original autograph manuscript of Malone Meurt, 27 November 1947-30 May 1948.

The manuscript of Malone Meurt was written in various colored inks in two notebooks (the first of which contains the final sections of Watt) with autograph revisions, additions, and deletions, and a number of characteristic doodles and mathematical calculations. Both notebooks bear the novel’s original title, “L’Absent.” This manuscript, like the one for Molloy, is dated at regular intervals but less frequently.


figure 3

Corrected carbon copy typescript of the English translation of Malone Meurt, Malone Dies.

The title is written out in Beckett’s hand. An autograph note beneath Beckett’s signature reads: “corrections in my hand.” Another one, below the title reads: “published by Grove Press, N.Y. 1956.”