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figures 1, 2

This autograph manuscript of “Premier Amour” (begun 28 October [1946] and completed on 12 November 1946) numbers 58 pages and contains frequent deletions, some additions and revisions, one chart, and doodles throughout. The cover is signed by Beckett and is marked “1945-1946 / unpublished / jettisoned.”

The two final pages contain Beckett’s translations into French of two tributes to his friend Alfred Péron, who had died at the end of the war as a result of his treatment in a German concentration camp. These articles had appeared in the Irish Times, one of them by Alex Vickmann, a friend of Péron’s from his Trinity College days.


figure 3

Photocopy of the typed manuscript of “Premier Amour” showing Beckett’s revisions, but in another hand, 1964, 32pp. Inscribed by Beckett to John Kobler, January 1971.

The text varies from the published version.