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Not I

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figure 4

First edition of Not I (London: Faber and Faber, 1973), with one autograph deletion. Inscribed by Beckett to John and Evelyn Kobler, October 1973.

In spite of Beckett’s precise correction of the proof sheets, Faber and Faber introduced a new error, which Beckett has crossed out in ink on page 11.


figure 5

“Pas Moi” in Minuit, No. 12, January 1975.

Pas Moi appeared in book form on 17 January 1975.


figure 6

Processed acting version of That Time (London: Royal Court Theater, 1975?).

On 1 September 1974 Beckett wrote to George Reavey that he had written a short theater piece titled That Time and indicated it was in the vein of Not I and in need of revision. As in Not I, where the focus is on “MOUTH…rest of face in shadow,” here it is “Old white face” with “long flowing white hair” that dominates the stage, this time not speaking but listening to three voices from the past.

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