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figure 15

“Ghost Trio” in Journal of Beckett Studies, No. 1, Winter 1976, illustrated with a photograph by John Haynes of Samuel Beckett and Billie Whitelaw during rehearsals for the 1976 Royal Court production of Footfalls.

This is the first appearance of this television play later collected in Ends and Odds (London: Faber & Faber, 1977).

Ghost Trio was first televised on BBC 2 in the spring 1977, as was another of Beckett’s recent television plays,…but the clouds…. Both were directed by Donald McWhinnie; the roles in each were played by Billie Whitelaw and Ronald Pickup.


figure 16

First English edition of Ends and Odds. Plays and Sketches (London: Faber and Faber, 1977).

This edition contains the same contents as the Grove Press edition except for the additional television play…but the clouds…, printed here for the first time.


figure 17

“Esquisse radiophonique” in Minuit, No. 5, September 1973 (Paris: Les Editions de Minuit). One of 50 numbered copies on vélin Arches.

Esquisse radiophonique was written during the last two days of November 1961 and was immediately followed by the radio play Cascando, to which it is related.


figure 18

“Fragment de théâtre” in Minuit, No. 8, March 1974.

First appearance of this work, later collected in Pas suivi de quatre esquisses (1978 as Fragment de théâtre I.

figure 19

“Pochade radiophonique” in Minuit, No. 16, November 1975.

First appearance of this radio play, later published in Pas suivi de quatre equisses (1978).


figure 20

First collected edition in French of Pas suivi de quatre esquisses (Paris: Les Editions de Minuit, 1978).

In addition to Pas, this collection includes four other sketches: Fragment de théâtre I, Fragment de théâtre II, Pochade radiophonique (Radio II), and Esquisse radiophonique (Radio I).

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