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Stories and Texts for Nothing

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figure 17

First printing in English of “The Calmative,” in Evergreen, Vol. XI, No. 47, June 1967. Illustrated with reproductions of two of the six drawings by Avigdor Arikha which were added to the second French edition of Nouvelles et textes pour rien in 1958.


figure 18

“Trois textes pour rien” in Les Lettres Nouvelles, 1e année, No. 3, May 1953.

The three texts printed in this journal correspond to Nos. III (“Laisse”), VI (“Entre ces apparitions”), and X (“Abandonner, mais c’est tout abandonné”) of the published version, with variants. Other texts had appeared in Arts-Spectacles (3-9 July 1953) and Monde Nouveau/Paru (May-June 1955) prior to their publication in the collected edition Nouvelles et textes pour rien in November 1955.

figure 19

First edition of Nouvelles et textes pour rien (Paris: Editions de Minuit, 1955). One of 30 numbered large-paper copies on pur fil, of a total edition of 1,185. Also issued hors commerce in 50 numbered copies on vélin. Inscribed in 1966 to John Kobler.

Included in this collected edition are the short stories “L’Expulsé,” “Le Calmant” (published here for the first time in French), “La Fin” (first appearance in French of the complete story “Suite”), and the thirteen prose works “Textes pour rien,” numbered I-XIII.


figure 20

Second edition of Nouvelles et textes pour rien (Paris: Les Editions de Minuit, 1958), illustrated with six drawings by Avigdor Arikha, limited to 2,000 copies on vélin. Inscribed by Beckett to Jake Schwartz.

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