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The Lost Ones and Ping



The relationship of Beckett’s Bing to Le Dépeupleur is a similar one to that of Imagination Morte Imaginez and Faux Départs. Beckett began Le Dépeupleur in October 1965 and worked on it through May 1966. He then laid it aside, because of its unwieldiness, to start anew. The work which sprang from Beckett’s struggle with Le Dépeupleur was Bing. It was finished five months after he had abandoned the first text and was published the year he completed it, 1966. Markedly dissimilar to Le Dépeupleur in length, style, tone, and content, Bing is nevertheless a derivative of the earlier work—thematically, in particular: a reconstitution in parvo of two extracts from Le Dépeupleur which appeared prior to its publication in 1970, “Dans le cylindre” and “L’Issue.”