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figure 16

Third (first American) edition of Watt (New York: Grove Press [1959]). One of 26 lettered copies, specially bound in linen-backed boards and signed. With the John Kobler bookplate. The trade style “John Calder Ltd. / London” appears in small type at the foot of the title page. On the verso, Calder is listed as “Foreign Distributor” for Great Britain.


figure 17

Fourth (first English) edition of Watt (London: John Calder [1963]). A Jupiter Book. By arrangement with The Olympia Press. Original wrapper is illustrated with a photographic portrait of Beckett by Sewell.


figure 18

Extract from “Watt” in L’Ephémère, No. 6, Summer 1968.

This extract from the French version of Watt appeared several months before publication of the full text. The passage contains several variants from the first French edition and is illustrated with wash drawings by Bram van Velde.

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