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Why should we read Beckett?

What is your favorite work by Beckett and why?

How has Beckett's writing influenced you?

What questions about Beckett and his work do you think still need to be answered?


Arka Chattopadhyay
can we at all call beckett's theatre political in any way?
did he or did not he react to contemporary political issues?
what was the representation like?

March - Aristotle
Have you ever thought that Beckett concern with Aristotle? For me, I have this idea when i finished reading Happy Days. I think he use a lot theory of Aristotle such as the natural rule of Hamanbeing, the idea of the world is center, the component of the world, the philosophy of life and happyness.

Snow White
Beckett's theatre has been and is being interpreted as political. These are no longer new questions, however they are questions which are still being answered. You will find much to interest you in recent and current Beckett scholarship. See the journal, Samuel Beckett Today, which is now online.

Arka Chattopadhyay
1) Beckett in relation to politics (textual, linguistic, socio-cultural)

2) Beckett & his anti-philosophical, anti-theoretical & yet so allusive, intellectual & intertextual voice---a paradox! do his texts completely deny metaphysical import? can they? should they, if they do so? is not he a universalist (semantically) also? is he so? why so/not so?

3) Beckett in relation to linguistic positionality---is there one in him, or many, or none at all?

4) Beckett in relation to the Bilblical rhetoric. does he posit it or does he use it only to subvert it?

5) Beckett's bilingualism & auto translational projects...from English to French, from Ireland to France...beckett's relation to his motherland in his works...the postcolonial Beckett?

6) Beckett & gender,especially women...language gendered...gender in ontological self...paradox...a latent homophobia...a mark of hidden homoeroticism?