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In Memoriam

Lewis Carroll sitting on a couch.

Lewis Carroll, ca 1895, by an
unidentified photographer.
Taken three years before his death.

Front and back of Lewis Carroll's memorial card.

Memorial cards for the Rev. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson
containing a gelatin silver print of one of his self-portraits.

In his last years, Carroll continued to work on several projects relating to mathematics and logic. His main sources of amusement were his friendships with "child friends," his frequent trips to London to attend the theater, and some occasional sketching (he had given up photography in 1880). Carroll died of a lung ailment on 14 January 1898.

Introductory - Early Life at Croft Rectory - Carroll at Oxford -
- Carroll the Photographer - Photographs of Children -
- Logic, Mathematics, and Puzzles - Alice - In Memoriam -