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David Douglas Duncan


The Silent Studio
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Candid portrait of a distraught-looking Jacqueline, seated in a chair in front of two portraits by Pablo Picasso, clutching a dachshund puppy to her chest.

"Jacqueline nearly perished after Picasso died Sunday noon, April 8th, 1973. For two years she languished in total seclusion . . . Many friends tried to help. Few ever saw her. One couple succeeded where all others failed: Jean Chevrier and his wife, Mary Bell . . . With their unfailing concern and humor and love, Jacqueline began to improve. Marie Bell thrust Julio, a four-month old, moist-bellied, finger-gnawing dachshund puppy into Jacqueline's arms and this simple contact breached the fortress of her misery. Sitting barefoot in the windowless center of the villa, Jacqueline clutched Julio to her heart and stared into the past--but began to accept the future." The Silent Studio, p. 22.