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David Douglas Duncan

U.S. Political Conventions

Republican National Convention, Miami Beach, August 3-8, 1968
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A Secret Service agent glares at the camera, while Nelson Rockefeller and his wife disembark their plane and are greeted by Claude Kirk.

"Secret Service agent: laser-beam eyes boring holes through everybody with a single glance . . . Presidential aspirant [Nelson Rockefeller]: fixed campaign grin masking his handsome face . . . [Claude Kirk], host governor of the Miami convention and Vice-Presidential aspirant: pouring every hope into a welcoming handshake and smile . . . Presidential aspirant's wife: forever smiling into a wall of faces, few of them familiar; and again braced for the crush of those who have come to gape, and others who share a stake in her husband's Olympian dream . . . Everyone attending a national convention has his--or her--role to play when a candidate for President of these United States is being chosen. [August 1968.]" Self-Portrait: U.S.A., p. 7.