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David Douglas Duncan


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Half-length portrait of a young Marine, looking skyward, wearing layers of clothes and gloves, clutching a tin can in one hand.

"Dawn was just over the horizon. A Marine . . . kept prodding with his spoon, trying to break loose a single, frost-coated bean from the others in his can. He could neither move it nor long continue holding the spoon between his gloved but almost rigid fingers. He found one, and slowly raised it to his mouth. He stood unmoving, waiting for it to thaw. When asked what he would have wanted if he could have had any wish, he continued to stand motionless, with empty eyes. Then his lips began to open . . . [and] his eyes went up into the graying sky, and he said, 'Give me Tomorrow.' [Korea, December 1950.]" This Is War!, p. 144.