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David Douglas Duncan


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From the book jacket text:
The Secret Visions of Dr. Oscar Forel, Hsueh Shao-Tang, Dorle Lindner, [and] Ariane.

"Fantasy is just as much feeling as thinking, as much intuition as sensation. Sometimes it appears in primordial form, sometimes it is the boldest product of all the faculties combined: . . . It is the mother of all possibilities."
— C. G. Jung

This book reveals the work of four remarkable amateur artists whose common trait is fantasy. One is an English housewife, born in wartime Berlin, who engraves images of another world which she visits in outer space; one is a Swiss psychiatrist who photographs abstract art found in tree bark; one is a Chinese chef who fled Peking ahead of the Communists and now creates his own Garden of Eden from bits of postage stamps; and one is a Belgian baroness who focuses her color camera on the secret face of life itself — the ultimate fantasy — discovered in her forest-garden.

Fantasy is prefaced by an eight-page selection of exuberant (and exclusive) "Souvenirs of a Magic World" given to the author by Pablo Picasso as tokens of his friendship. They richly illustrate the veteran artist's joie de vivre when confronting the challenge of his own imagination: he voiced a concern, shared by Renoir, over the risk of crushing, through conformity, those elusive and often fragile fantasies seen by children — probably the greatest dreamers of all.