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Producing Gone With The Wind


Costume sketch. Click to enlarge.

Costume design by Walter Plunkett.

Movie still. Click to enlarge.

Film still of Scarlett and Rhett at the Atlanta Bazaar.

Other Costumes

The Atlanta Bazaar

One of the first scenes to be shot under George Cukor's direction was the Atlanta bazaar scene. Later, Victor Fleming reshot most of the scene to achieve the livelier pace Selznick wanted. This created a challenge during editing when the new faster-paced shots were intercut with the previously shot slower footage.

In a note to his production manager Ray Klune, Selznick also voiced his concerns about the "cheap-looking extra costumes" (1) worn by the women and the poor fitting uniforms worn by the men. He suggested that Klune borrow costumes worn by actors in other MGM pictures and better tailor the soldier's uniforms.

Klune explained that it would be historically inaccurate (2) to show extravagantly dressed southerners at the bazaar and asked whether aesthetic appeal of historical accuracy should take precedence throughout the film's production.

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