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Producing Gone With The Wind


Costume sketch. Click to enlarge.

Tarleton Twins costume design

Movie still. Click to enlarge.

Film still of Scarlett and Tarleton twins.

Movie still. Click to enlarge.

Film production still of Scarlett in porch scene dress.

Movie still. Click to enlarge.

Production still of Vivien Leigh with Scarlett's double.

Vivien Leigh. Click to enlarge.

Vivien Leigh in white prayer dress.

Other Costumes

The Porch Scene

The opening scene of Gone With The Wind, in which the Tarleton twins, played by Fred Crane and George Reeves, are talking to Scarlett about the impending war, was one of the most troublesome scenes of the film.

It was shot five times over a nine-month span.

The first shot was unsatisfactory to Selznick because the twins' hair, dyed red for the film, appeared "too orange" in Technicolor.

The second shot was not used because of poor lighting.

When George Cukor left the production, Victor Fleming took over as director and tackled the porch scene as his first scene. As in the two Cukor versions, Scarlett wore the green sprigged muslin barbeque dress that she later wore to Twelve Oaks. Selznick was displeased with the twins' performances, so the take was not used.

Fleming shot the scene again with Leigh wearing the white prayer dress because Selznick felt the barbeque dress was being overused in the film and wanted more variety.

This fourth take was not used because Vivien Leigh looked exhausted; she was excused to take a vacation before returning to shoot the porch scene a final time. It was the last scene shot with Vivien Leigh and is the version that appears in the film.

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