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Producing Gone With The Wind


Costume sketch. Click to enlarge.

Rhett Butler costume design.

Production still. Click to enlarge.

Production still of Clark Gable on set in costume.

Other Costumes

Rhett Butler

Clark Gable was reluctant to play the role of Rhett for two reasons: the expectations of the novel's thousands of readers and the fact that the film would be a costume epic.

His last costume picture, Parnell had been a flop. But Gable, as Hollywood's biggest star, was the preferred lead. Gable had to demonstrate a charismatic demeanor and effortless confidence to play the part of Rhett Butler.

Due to the complexity of Selznick's contract with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Selznick went to great lengths (1) to ensure that costuming enhanced Gable's performance.

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