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Producing Gone With The Wind


Blue peignoir dress. Click to enlarge.

The blue velvet peignoir worn by Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With The Wind.

Film still. Click to enlarge.

Film still of Scarlett and Rhett on the terrace.

Film still. Click to enlarge.

Makeup Still of Scarlett in blue velvet peignoir.

Film still. Click to enlarge.

Back view of blue velvet peignoir.

Scarlett O'Hara Costumes

The Blue Peignoir

Scarlett dons the Blue Peignoir in a scene just after her miscarriage, when her relationship with Rhett is particularly strained. She is in physical and emotional distress, and the deep blue velvet and black fur collar of the gown contrasts with her pale skin to enhance her vulnerable appearance. There is tension in the scene, as Rhett sincerely tries to mend the relationship, and Scarlett's pride and fear lead her to reject his attempts. In the subsequent scene, while Scarlett is in the same dress, Bonnie suffers a fatal horseback fall. Throughout the film, Bonnie is strongly associated with the color blue, even called "Bonnie Blue" by her father.

645 EXT. - LONG SHOT - BUTLER TERRACE AND GARDEN - DAY (COSGROVE) Scarlett (double) dressed in a blue negligee, is stretched out in an easy chair with blankets around her and pillows at her back.

Rhett enters from the house.


Scarlett is pale and drawn from the agonies of the miscarriage from which she is recuperating. She gives Rhett one look as he appoaches her, turns her face and shrinks away from him. A moment of silence, then:

I've come to ask your forgiveness. In the hope that we can give our life together another chance.

He is contrite, simple, serious - completely without any affectation of cynicism or any distrust of Scarlett. He is the simplest and most sincere he has been in his whole life.

(without looking at him, sarcastically) Our life - together? When did we ever have a life together?

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