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Producing Gone With The Wind


Green wrapper dress. Click to enlarge.

The green velvet dressing gown worn by Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With The Wind.

Green wrapper dress. Click to enlarge.

Production still of Ernest Haller and Vivien Leigh wearing green velvet dressing gown.

Scarlett O'Hara Costumes

The Green Wrapper

Scarlett wears the green wrapper in a scene in which she declares to Mammy that she will not have any more children due to the physical toll of pregnancy. This silk velvet, heavily embroidered gown with floor-length, trailing sleeves communicates Scarlett's wealth and social stature in her marriage to Rhett. Plunkett's design merges a streamlined, 1930s screen goddess silhouette with style elements of medieval gowns.

586 FADE IN:

Just as in her girlhood days at Tara, Scarlett's stays have just been laced by Mammy. The lacing completed, Mammy is pulling a tape measure around Scarlett's waist. Mammy looks up at her mistress.

Twenty inches.

Scarlett's jaw drops.

I've grown as big as Aunt Pitty! You've simply got to make it eighteen and a half again!

(shakes her head) You done had a baby, Miss Scarlett, an' you ain' never goin' to be no eighteen an' a half inches
again - never. An' dar ain' nothin' to do 'bout it.

This statement provides Scarlett with the most unpleasant possible food for thought. A pause while she digests it, then

There is something to do about it! I'm not going to get fat and old before my time! I just won't have any more babies!

I heerd Mist' Rhett say that he'll be wantin' a son next year.

Tell Captain Butler I've decided not to go out after all. (she picks up a wrapper from a nearby chair an slips it on)
I'll have my supper in my room.

Meditatively, Scarlett crosses the room. She sits at dressing table and stares at herself in the mirror.

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