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The Mike Wallace Interview
Kirk Douglas

Kirk Douglas, a film star who had recently completed two films, Paths of Glory and The Vikings, talks to Wallace about acting, fame, the charge that Hollywood films misrepresent America abroad, Nazis, Communists, and European versus American women.

Thanks to the New Media Department at Universidad Francisco Marroquín: Transcription & Sync: Maria Lucia Aldana, Regina de De la Vega, Claudia Leiva, Jennifer Mills, Evelyn Orantes, Katty Schellenger; Index: Lucía Bahr, Christiaan Ketelaar, Daphne Ortiz; Text Revisers: Barbara de Koose, Michiel Glaudemans; GML/Tech Support: Pedro David España, Mario Pivaral; Content Analysis coordinator: Rebeca Zuñiga; Cataloguing: Nora Domínguez; Glifos: Rodrigo Arias, Niky Arroyave, Matthías Reichenbach.

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