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Unseen Cinema: Early American Avant-Garde Film 1893-1941

Thursday, February 12 (First program)
Picturing a Metropolis: NYC Unveiled

Film list credits:

Demolishing the Star Theatre (1901)
American Mutoscope & Biograph: Frederick S. Armitage, 35mm, bw, sil, 45ft, 0.67m, 18fps

Coney Island at Night (1905)
Edison Manufacturing: Edwin S. Porter, 35mm, bw, sil, 236ft, 3.5m, 18fps

Interior N.Y. Subway, 14th St. to 42nd St. (1905)
American Mutoscope & Biograph: G.W. "Billy" Bitzer, 35mm, bw, sil 325ft, 4.81m, 18fps

Looney Lens [Split Skyscrapers] (1924)
Fox Movietone Newsreel: Al Brick, 35mm, bw, sil, 58ft, 0.65m, 18fps

Twenty-Four Dollar Island: A Camera Impression of New York (c. 1925-27)
Pictorial Films: Robert Flaherty, 35mm, bw, sil, 690ft, 10.2m, 18fps

Manhattan Medley (1931)
Magic Carpet of Movietone: Bonney Powell, 35mm, bw, snd, 941ft, 10.46m

"Seeing the World" - Part One: A Visit to New York, N.Y. (1937)
Grand Tours, Inc.: Rudy Burckhardt, 16mm, bw, sil w/snd added 1970s by Jacob Burckhardt, 375ft, 10.42m

As I Walk: Footnote to Fact (1933)
Lewis Jacobs, 16mm, bw, sil, 145ft, 5.37m, 18fps

Ghost Town: The Story of Fort Lee (1935)
Theodore Huff, Mark Borgatte, 16mm, bw, sil, 378ft, 14m, 18fps

A Bronx Morning [A Day in the Bronx] (1931)
Jay Leyda, [Leo Hurwitz] 35mm, bw, sil, 1055ft, 14.07m, 20fps

The Pursuit of Happiness (1940)
Rudy Burckhardt, 35mm [16mm orig], bw, sil, 497ft, 8.28m, 16fps

Gold Diggers of 1935 [Lullaby of Broadway] (1935)
Warner Bros.: Busby Berkeley, 35mm, bw, snd, 1202ft, 13.35m
Music: "Lullaby of Broadway" by Al Dubin & Harry Warren



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