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Unseen Cinema: Early American Avant-Garde Film 1893-1941

Thursday, February 12 (Second Program)
Light Rhythms: Melodies & Montages

Film list credits:

Radio Dynamics: A Color-Music Composition [Allegretto early version] (1936,
first printed in color 1943)
Paramount: Oskar Fischinger, 35mm, clr, snd, 225ft, 2.5m
Music: Ralph Rainger

Moods of the Sea (1940-42)
Slavko Vorkapich, John Hoffman, 35mm, bw, snd, 905ft, 10.06m Music: "Fingal's Cave" by Felix Mendelsohn

Nuit sur le Mont Chauve [Night on Bald Mountain] (1933)
Alexander Alexeieff, Claire Parker, 35mm, bw, snd, 747ft, 8.3m Music: "Une nuit sur le mont Cahuve" by Moussorgsky

Object Lesson (1941)
Christopher Young, 35mm, bw, snd, 868ft, 9.68m

Poem 8 (1932)
Emlen Etting, [Mary Binney Montgomery, Carese Crosby], BetacamSP [16mm orig], bw, sil, 520ft, 14.45m

Light Rhythms (1929-30)
Francis Bruguière, [Oswell Blakeston], 35mm, bw, sil, 487ft, 6.49m, 20fps
Music: Original composition by Jack Ellit arranged and performed by Donald Sosin

Montage Sequences by Various Artists (1926-39)

So This Is Paris [Artist's Ball] (1926)
Warner Bros.: Ernst Lubitsch 35mm, bw, sil, 330ft, 4.4m, 20fps

Manhattan Cocktail [Skyline Dance] (1928)
Paramount: Slavko Vorkapich, [Dorthy Azner], 35mm, bw, sil, 42ft, 0.56m, 20fps

The Wolf of Wall Street [The Money Machine] (1929)
Paramount: Slavko Vorkapich, [Roland V. Lee, Victor Milner], 35mm, bw, sil, 13ft, 0.17m, 20fps

Sins of the Fathers [Prohibition] (1929)
Paramount: Slavko Vorkapich, [Ludwig Berger, Victor Milner], 35mm, bw, sil, 132ft, 1.76m, 20fps

Crime Without Passion [The Furies] (1934)
Paramount: Slavko Vorkapich, [Ben Hecht, Charles MacArthur], 35mm, bw, sil, 249ft, 2.76m

Firefly [Battle of Vitoria-Vorkapich cut] (1937)
MGM: Slavko Vorkapich, [Robert Z. Leonard], 35mm, bw, sil, 165.5ft, 1.84m

Firefly [Battle of Vitoria-final cut] (1937)
MGM: Slavko Vorkapich, [Robert Z. Leonard], 35mm, bw, snd, 49.5ft, 0.55m

Maytime [Romance & Opera Singer's Career] (1937)
MGM: Slavko Vorkapich, [Robert Z. Leonard], 35mm, bw, snd, 400.5ft, 4.45m

Melody on Parade (1936)
Unidentified filmmaker 35mm, bw, snd, 472ft, 5.24m

Hollywood Boulevard [title sequence] (1936)
Paramount: Robert Florey, 35mm, bw, snd, 180ft, 2m
Music: Gregory Stone

The City [Steel Mills, Metropolis, Traffic] (1939)
American Documentary Films: Ralph Steiner, Willard Van Dyke, [Henwar Rodakiewicz, Theodore Lawrence, Lewis Mumford], 35mm, bw, snd, 1350ft, 15m
Music: Aaron Copland

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington [Lincoln Memorial] (1939)
Columbia: Slavko Vorkapich, [Frank Capra, Gene Havlick, Al Clark], 35mm, bw, snd, 306ft, 3.4m
Music: Dimitri Tiomkin

An American March (1941)
Oskar Fischinger, 35mm, clr, snd, 360ft, 4m
Music: "American March" by Sousa



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