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Unseen Cinema: Early American Avant-Garde Film 1893-1941

Thursday, March 11 (Second Program)
First Steps: Early Efforts by Hollywood Directors

Film list credits:

Fultah Fisher's Boarding House (1921)
Montague Studios: Frank R. Capra, 16mm [35mm orig], bw, sil, 424ft, 15.72m, 18fps

The Enchanted City (1922)
Warren Newcombe, 16mm [35mm orig], bw, sil, 310ft, 11.48m, 18fps

The Bridge [The Spy] (1929)
Charles Vidor, 35mm, bw, sil w/Bob Vaughn organ score, 909ft, 10.1m

The Life and Death of 9413 - A Hollywood Extra [The Life and Death of a Hollywood Extra; A Hollywood Extra; Rhapsody of Hollywood; The Blues - A Rhapsody of Hollywood; Holywoood Extra 9413; Suicide of 9413; Suicide of a Hollywood Extra, $97] (1927)
Robert Florey, Slavko Vorkapich, Gregg Toland, 35mm, bw, sil, 990ft, 13.20m, 20fps
Music: Donald Sosin

Tree Trunk to Head (1937-38)
Film Associates: Lewis Jacobs, [Leo Lances] 16mm, bw, sil, 952ft, 35m, 18fps



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