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News Release — December 15, 2008

New Online James Joyce Checklist Tracks Materials Relating to Author

An international checklist of publications by and about James Joyce (1882-1941), one of the 20th century's most important writers, is now online.

The "James Joyce Checklist: A Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Materials," a collaborative effort of the Pennsylvania State University Libraries, the James Joyce Quarterly at the University of Tulsa and the Harry Ransom Center at The University of Texas at Austin, enables scholars to identify and locate material about Joyce's writing, his life and his cultural heritage.

The checklist may be searched by a variety of methods, including authors' names, journal or book titles and keywords.

The checklist includes more than 19,000 citations to books, articles, book reviews, dissertations, recordings and Web sites, dating from the earliest writings about Joyce to recently published material. It also covers new editions and translations of Joyce's works and includes thousands of citations that provide hyperlinks to full texts.

Joyce is known primarily for "Ulysses," an epic novel widely considered one of the most important works of literature ever written. Joyce's work, including his novels "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man," "Finnegans Wake" and the collection of short stories "Dubliners," continues to be an inspiration for writers and readers alike.

"For scholars and readers, documenting research on Joyce is a challenge that continues to grow as thousands of additional printed and digital items appear annually," said editorial project director William S. Brockman of the Pennsylvania State University Libraries. "With the checklist offering comprehensive coverage of publications dating back to the mid-1990s, and with the Web site being updated on a regular basis with additional current and retrospective material, this ongoing project and resource will only continue to grow."

Brockman provides editorial direction of the checklist while the James Joyce Quarterly at the University of Tulsa provides retrospective material and the Ransom Center supplies programming and Web hosting.

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Alyssa Morris
Communications & Marketing Manager