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Fellows on Fellowships

Since the inception of its fellowship program in 1990, the Ransom Center has hosted more than 1,000 scholars as fellows. Awarded annually by the Ransom Center, the research fellowships in the humanities support scholarly projects that concentrate on the Center's collections.

Listen to fellows discuss their research, explain the process of working with primary source materials, and describe the benefits of having access to such materials.

Jeremy Treglown
University of London

"Hersey's Wars: John Hersey, 1914–1993"

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Gareth Griffiths
University of Western Australia

"Stephen Gray and the role of white South African writing in the human rights struggles in South Africa"

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Annamaria Motrescu-Mayes
University of Cambridge

"Visual priming and Ceylonese identities since the late nineteenth century"

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Charles Drazin
Queen Mary, University of London

"The Films of Powell and Pressburger"

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Matthew McFrederick
University of Reading

"Staging Beckett in London: Constructing Performance Histories of Samuel Beckett's Drama"

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Alison Stone
University of Exeter

"Contemporary British Poetry and Objectivism"

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Kamran Javadizadeh
Villanova University

"Bedlam & Parnassus: The Institutionalization of Midcentury American Poetry"

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R. Colin Tait
The University of Texas at Austin

"Robert De Niro's Method: Acting, Agency and Authorship in the New Hollywood (1967-1980)"

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Peter Walker
Salem State University

"The Complete Letters of Henry James"

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Judith Freeman
University of Southern California

"Raymond Chandler's Los Angeles"

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Samantha Pinto
Georgetown University

"Africa, (Re)Circulated: Cosmopolitan Performances of Mid-Century Modernity"

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Laurence Raw
Başkent University

"Patriotic Shakespeare- Donald Wolfit's Productions 1941-53"

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Andrew Scahill
George Mason University

"Cogs in the Dream Machine: Jack Harris and the Role of Still Men in Promoting Hollywood Cinema"

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John Pipkin
Southwestern University, The University of Texas at Austin

The Blind Astronomer's Atlas: A Novel

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Mark Byron
University of Sydney

"The Holograph Manuscript of Samuel Beckett's Novel Watt: A Digital Representation and Transcription"

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John Thornton
Independent Scholar

"A biography of Alfred and Blanche Knopf and the House of Knopf"

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Ted Nannicelli
University of Kent, Canterbury

"The Screenwriter as Artist: The Case of Ernest Lehman"

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Christine Ferguson
University of Glasgow

"The Eugenic Impulse in British Writing, 1850-1930"

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Alison Macor
Independent Scholar

"In Batman's Shadow: The Life and Career of Screenwriter Warren Skaaren"

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John Wilson
Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania

"Evelyn Waugh in the Military and the Church"

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Daniel Worden
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

"Cool Realism: The New Journalism and American Literary Culture"

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Anne Tucker
The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

"We Bear Witness: Photographers Responding to War"

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Nita Kumar
University of Delhi

"Minstrel Shows and Twentieth-Century African American Women's Plays"

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Axel Stähler
University of Kent at Canterbury

"The Playwright as Author Icon: The Case of Arnold Wesker"

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Ulrika Maude
University of Durham

"Perception, Textual Genetics and Aesthetics in the Work of Samuel Beckett"

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Kay Heath
Virginia State University

"Professional Persuasions: Victorian Women's Work and The Public Career"

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Jonathan Bloom
University of Paris Dauphine

"C. P. Snow Biography"

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