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How to Request Materials for Your Class Event

Note to returning instructors: As of April 2009, the Ransom Center no longer uses paper call slips. All requests for collection materials are now made in your personal online research accounts.

To request materials for your class meeting at the Ransom Center, please follow the following steps:

1. Submit a Seminar Room Reservation form to the Reception desk staff well in advance of when your class will be scheduled to meet. Seminar rooms are limited and book up quickly.

2. If you do not already have one, you must create a research account. Please retain your username and password for future use.

3. Locate the material that you wish to show your class using resources located on the Ransom Center's website or in the Reading and Viewing Room. You may also contact a staff member for assistance. A list of subject curators and librarians may be found online.

4. Request those materials through your research account. You will see a menu on the left side of the main screen that links to forms for requesting Books, Manuscripts, Periodicals, and Visual Materials.

5. Based on your Seminar Room Reservation form, a Ransom Center staff member will create an event title for your class meeting. When submitting your requests, be sure to select the event rather than your name, on the "Request for" tab. This will ensure that these materials are set aside for your class, and not for your own research visit to the Reading Room.

6. Please complete all requests for books and manuscripts seven days prior to the class meeting and all requests for visual collections two weeks prior to the class meeting. Anything requested after that time will not be paged for your class.

7. Lastly, contact the Reading Room Receptionist at 471-9119 to inform us that you have completed your class requests. For materials to be placed in the exhibit cases, be sure to come in to the Reading and Viewing Room to flag specific openings if needed.

8. If you return to teach the same class at a later date, you may request that the Center's staff "clone" the previous event so that you do not need to re-request the collection material. Please fill out the appropriate boxes in the reservation form below and follow the relevant instructions in the Frequently Asked Questions link in your research account.



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