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Search Tips

Tip:  If you are unsure of the spelling, use a truncated form of the name.
Example:  A search on surname "Becke" retrieves "Beckett" as well as "Becket".
Tip:  For distinctive surnames it is generally unnecessary to enter more than the first initial of the forename, and often there is no need to enter the forename at all.
Example:  There is only one Achebe and only one MacNeice in WATCH.
Tip:  For distinctive names, very much shortened search terms will save time and still be successful.
Example:  A search on surname "Zep" retrieves "Benjamin Zephaniah".
Tip:    For compound surnames, you may search by either part of the name.
Example:    Mario Vargas Llosa can be found by searching either "Vargas" or "Llosa."