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The Ransom Center encourages discovery, inspires creativity, and advances understanding of the humanities for a broad and diverse audience through the preservation and sharing of its extraordinary collections. Learn More

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The items in these digital collections represent just a small sample of the Ransom Center's rich and diverse holdings. New materials and collections are added on an ongoing basis.

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Galleries Closed until December 21

To install the next exhibition, Shakespeare in Print and Performance, the galleries are closed from November 30 through December 21, when the exhibition opens.

The Gutenberg Bible and the First Photograph are on permanent display in the lobby.

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Encouraging Discovery:
An Introduction to the Ransom Center

Watch as curators, students, members, and conservators discuss their work and learn how the Center shares and celebrates the creative process.

From Jack Kerouac's notebook to Robert De Niro's make-up stills, the video showcases the range of materials housed here.

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