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Act Without Words and Embers


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figure 6

Embers / Cendres, produced by Donald McWhinnie for the BBC Third Programme on 24 June 1959.

Beckett’s 45-minute radio play, Embers, was the winning BBC entry for the Italia Prize of 1959. The French version, Cendres, appears opposite the English text.


figure 7

The first printing of “Embers (A Play for Radio)” in Evergreen Review, November-December 1959


figure 8

First printing in French of “Cendres (Embers). Pièce radiophonique,” translated from the English by Robert Pinget and Beckett, in Les Lettres Nouvelles, 7e année, Nouvelle Série, No. 36, 30 December 1959-January 1960. Signed by Beckett.

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