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Eh Joe

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figure 6

Uncorrected proof copy of Eh Joe and Other Writings (London: Faber and Faber, 1967), with a presentation inscription by Beckett to John Kobler.

figure 7

First collected edition of Eh Joe and Other Writings (London: Faber and Faber, 1967). Inscribed by Beckett to John and Evelyn Kobler, May 1967.

The edition includes Act Without Words II and Film. The dust jacket is illustrated with a photograph of Jack MacGowran in the BBC 2 television production of Eh Joe, July 1966.


figure 8

First American printing of “Eh Joe. A Television Play” in Evergreen, Vol. XIII, No. 62, January 1969.

The text is illustrated with stills from the WNDT-TV production of the play, with George Rose as Joe and Rosemary Harris as the voice of the Woman.


figures 9

First edition in English of Come and Go. Dramaticule (London: Calder and Boyars, 1967). Illustrated with photographs by Ilse Buhs of Deryk Mendel’s Berlin production at the Schiller-Theater. One of a limited edition of 100 numbered copies, signed by Beckett.

figure 10

“Come and Go. Dramaticule” in the brochure The Arts and Censorship (London: The National Council for Civil Liberties and The Defense of Literature and the Arts Society, 1968).

Samuel Beckett’s short play Come and Go was presented as part of “a gala entertainment concerning depravity and corruption” sponsored by the N.C.C.L. and the D.L.A.S. It was directed by Deryk Mendel, with Adrienne Corri, Marie Kean, and Billie Whitelaw in the roles of Flo, Vi, and Ru.


figures 11, 12

Mimeographed acting script of Breath appearing as a prologue in Oh! Calcutta! An Entertainment with Music (New York: Elkins Productions International Corporation, 1969?).

Beckett’s first stage direction, in the manuscript he submitted to Kenneth Tynan, reads: “Faint light on stage littered with miscellaneous rubbish.” In the acting script and the Grove Press edition, the period was replaced by a comma followed by “including naked people.” As a result of that unauthorized addition and other ambiguities, Beckett refused to allow Breath to be included in the London production of Oh! Calcutta!

figure 13

First printing of Breath appearing as the “Prologue” in Oh! Calcutta! An Entertainment with Music devised by Kenneth Tynan, directed by Jacques Levy (New York: Grove Press, 1969).

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