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Endgame/Act Without Words

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figures 2, 3, 4

Signed autograph manuscript of “Endgame,” 106 pp., begun in Paris on 7 May 1957, completed at Ussy on 5 June 1957. Written in blue, black, and purple inks in small, cloth-backed notebook. Lightly revised; some doodles.

This is the original manuscript of Beckett’s translation into English of Fin de partie. Laid in is a reproduction of a photograph of Beckett by Philippe Charpentier that Beckett inscribed to Jake Schwartz in September 1957.


figure 5

Signed autograph manuscript of “Act Without Words (Actes san paroles),” 4 pp., on two loose sheets from an exercise notebook, with minor variants from the printed text. Inscribed to Jake Schwartz.

Beckett wrote the mime Act Without Words originally in French as a companion piece to Fin de partie. But although he dropped it, in favor of Krapp’s Last Tape, for the Royal Court’s production of Endgame, the mime accompanies Endgame in both the French and English editions of the play.