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figure 10

First collected edition of Beckett’s Pour finir encore et autres foirades (Paris: Les Editions de Minuit, 1976).

The collection includes the short prose works “Pour finir encore” (“For to end yet again”), “Immobile” (“Still”), “Il est tête nue” (“He is bareheaded”), “J’ai renoncé avant de naître” (“I gave up before birth”), “Horn venait la nuit” (“Horn came always”), “Vieille terre, assez menti, je l’ai vue” (“Old earth”), “Au loin un oiseau” (“Afar a Bird”), and “Se voir” (“Closed place”).


figure 11

First edition of Beckett’s Foirades / Fizzles (London and New York: Petersburg Press, 1976), with original etchings by Jasper Johns.

Jasper Johns’s thirty-three original etchings were executed in 1975 and printed on the hand-press of the Atelier Crommelynck in Paris. The handmade paper from the Moulin Richard de Bas in Auvergne is watermarked with Beckett’s initials and Johns’s signature. The text, composed in 16-point Caslon Old Face, was hand-printed by the Paris typographers Fequet et Baudier.

The interior of the book’s case is lined with original lithographs in color by Jasper Johns. The edition was limited to 300 numbered copies signed by the author and the artist. The original prospectus is laid in.


figure 12

First English edition of Beckett’s For To End Yet Again and Other Fizzles (London: John Calder, 1976).

In this edition, there is some ambiguity in the translated title of “Se voir” (“Closed space,” “Closed place”). The edition has the same contents as Pour finir encore et autres foirades, in Beckett’s translation, except for “Still,” which he wrote originally in English.

figure 13

First American edition of Beckett’s Fizzles (New York: Grove Press, 1976).

This edition has the same text as the English edition but with the segments in a different order and titled simply “Fizzle 1” through “Fizzle 8.”

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