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Krapp's Last Tape

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figure 5

The fourth typed manuscript of Krapp’s Last Tape showing moderate corrections and additions by Beckett. The manuscript is very close to the published text, although it contains an arithmetical computation not incorporated into the text. “Reel” is added into the title as a possible substitution for “Tape.”

The final page contains an inscription to Jake Schwartz and a note from Beckett: “Note on technique of tape-recorder.”


figure 6

A later, thermofax copy of a typed Krapp’s Last Tape manuscript with minor changes and insertions. The title remains “Krapp’s Last Tape.” Beckett has modified the time from “the nineteen eighties” to “the future.”


figure 7

Carbon copy of the signed, typed manuscript of La Dernière bande, containing a few corrections and additions.

This French translation is signed, and inscribed to Jake Schwartz.

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