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Krapp's Last Tape

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Kenneth Tynan’s review (in the Observer, 2 November 1958) of the London production of Krapp’s Last Tape was written in play form as a parody of Beckett’s style. Titled “Slamm’s Last Knock,” Slamm, the critic, with the help of Seck, an assistant, struggles to write his review, repeatedly pulling crumpled sheets of paper out of wastebaskets as he tries to craft half-thoughts and phrases into a whole. In the end it is Seck who dictates something of a coherent piece (as if Beckett has written it) and the play concludes:

SLAMM: Is that all the review he’s getting?
SECK: That’s all the play he’s written.
SLAMM: But a genius. Could you do as much?
SECK: Not as much. But as little.
Tableau. Pause. Curtain.