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Malone Dies

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figure 4

“Two Fragments” in Transition Fifty, No. 6. Paris: Transition Press, 1950.

These English translations by Beckett of an extract from Molloy and one from Malone Meurt were published before any part of the original French versions.

This issue of Transition also contains two unsigned translations by Beckett: the last chapter of Armand, by Emmanuel Bove, and “Zone,” a poem by Guillaume Apollinaire, from his collectionAlcools.


figure 5

“Malone s’en conte” in 84: Nouvelle Revue Littéraire, No. 16, December 1950 (Paris: Les Editions de Minuit). Signed by Beckett. The text has a few manuscript corrections.


figure 6

“Quel Malheur” in Les Temps Modernes, 7e année, No. 71, September 1951.

This extract from Malone Meurt, printed in Jean Paul Sartre’s review one month before the novel was published by Les Editions de Minuit, contains variants from the Minuit edition. Inscribed by Beckett in 1972 to John and Evelyn Kobler.

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