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Poems in English

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figure 9

First edition of Gedichte (Wiesbaden: Limes Verlag, 1959), inscribed by Beckett to Jake Schwartz, February 1960.

This first collected edition contains all of Beckett’s poems to date in the original English or French, along with their German translations.


figures 10, 11

“Saint-Lô 1945” in Rhinozeros, 2 (Episode, 1960), inscribed by Beckett to Jake Schwartz.

This is an idiosyncratic printing of the poem “Saint-Lô 1945” which first appeared in the Irish Times and was later collected in Poems in English (1961). The back wrapper of Rhinozeros has a reproduction of a Jean Cocteau drawing along with his greeting to Rhinozeros.


figure 12

Poems in English (London: John Calder, 1961). Copy No. 2 of 100 copies on handmade paper, signed by the author, printed (hors commerce) “in advance of the first edition.” Inscribed by Beckett to Nancy Cunard, July 1963.

figure 13

Beckett inscribed this first edition of the regular issue of Poems in English (London: John Calder, 1961) to Hugo Manning.


figure 14

Poems in English (New York: Grove Press, 1963), inscribed on the title page: “Samuel Beckett.”

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