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Poems in English

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figure 18

“Poèmes” in Minuit, No. 21, November 1976.

This edition of Minuit contains all the previously published poems from the Les Editions de Minuit’s 1968 collected edition, Poèmes, and includes, in addition, “hors crâne seul dedans,” printed here for the first time. The date of this poem’s composition is uncertain: according to a note in Poèmes suivi de mirlitonnades (1978), where “hors crâne seul dedans” was later reprinted, the poem “was written in 1976,” but in Calder’s 1977 Collected Poems in English and French, it is printed under the title “Poème 1974.”


figure 19

Collected Poems in English and French (London: John Calder, 1977)

From the publisher’s forward: “This is the most complete collection of his poems that Mr. Beckett has authorized to date . . . all the work previously published in English with the addition of previously uncollected pre-war poems and some recent ones.”


figure 20

Poèmes [suivi de mirlitonnades, 1976-1978] (Paris: Les Editions de Minuit, 1978). One of 106 numbered large-paper copies of Poèmes on Alfamousse.

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