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David Douglas Duncan


      "Korea – the Impact of War," Museum of Modern Art, New York, 15 Feb.-22 Apr. 1951

      "The Private World of Pablo Picasso," The Nelson Gallery and Atkins Museum, Kansas City, Mo., 2-30 Nov. 1958

      "War Without Heroes," Shinjuku Nikon Salon, Keio Plaza Hotel, Tokyo, 7-21 June 1971
      "One Generation of Peace and War," The Nelson Gallery and Atkins Museum and Commerce Bank, Kansas City, Mo., 2 Sept.-3 Oct. 1971

      "One Generation of Peace and War," Whitney Museum, New York, 15 June-4 Sept. 1972

      "Picasso Ceramics Exhibit, UENO Royal Museum, Tokyo, Apr.-May 1981 (exhibition was comprised of Picasso ceramics and photos by DDD)
      "250 Photographs of Picasso by David Douglas Duncan," Sidney Janis Gallery, New York, Oct. 1981

      "The Combat Photography of David Douglas Duncan," The Admiral Nimitz Center, Fredericksburg, Texas, 1983-1984

      "Sunflowers," Nikon Salon, Tokyo, 1986

      "La Màgia de Picasso: 100 Fotografies de David Douglas Duncan," touring exhibition, originating in Barcelona, 1988-1989
      "Picasso Porträtterad," Fotografiska Museet i Moderna Museet, Stockholm, 1988-1989

      Commerce Bank Art Gallery, Kansas City, Mo., DDD Korea and Vietnam photographs, 1990

      Japan Tour of DDD Picasso and Jacqueline photographs, 1990-1991

      "Tournesols en France," Musée de la Photographie Mougins, 3 July-1 Sept. 1991 [sunflowers exhibit]

      "Picasso, photographiert von David Douglas Duncan," Picasso Museum, Am-Rhyn-Haus, Luzern, permanent collection, 1992
      "Picasso," at the Picasso Museum, [1992?]

      118 Picasso photographs at Kiyoharu Shirakaba Museum, Nagasaka, Japan, Apr. 1996
      "Alone With Picasso," Jan Krugier Gallery, New York, 26 Apr.-30 June

      "Picasso Pinta un Retrat--Imatges de Picasso," Caixa de Girona, la Fontana d'Or de Girona, July-Sept. 1996
      "Picasso Paints a Portrait," Galerie Yoshii, Paris 30 Oct.-30 Nov. 1996
      "Picasso: The Artistic World of Picasso in R.O.C.," [Picasso ceramics exhibition], Taipeh, 1996
      61 Picasso ceramics photographs, Hakone Open-Air Museum, Tokyo, [1996?]

      "Pablo Picasso," at the Bunkamura Museum of Art (Tokyo), 4 July-6 Sept. 1998, and the Nagoya City Art Museum, 15 Sept.-29 Nov. 1998

      "Picasso: Sein Dialog mit der Keramik," at the Museum Würth, 1998-1999

      "Ceramicas de Picasso," Museo Ramon Gaya, Oct. 1999
      "David Douglas Duncan: One Life, A Photographic Odyssey," presented jointly by the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, The University of Texas at Austin, and the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum, 6 Mar. 1999-2 Jan. 2000

      Picasso exhibition, Kiyoharu Shirakaba Museum, Nagasaka, Japan, Sept.-Nov. 2000

      Picasso exhibit, Montreal, 2001






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